Best Exercises For Toning Arms While You Are At Home

Flabby arms are often a result of aging, as, after the second decade of life, the body stored fat on certain body parts, and the lean muscle mass is gradually reduced.

In this article we will show you how to sculpt shapely, sexy, toned arms.

Read on to learn more.

1. Arm & Leg Lift

An article from ‘‘Health’’indicates that this exercises is not only great for your arms, but also your legs and back. To do this exercise, simply start on all fours and extend your right arm and left leg simultaneously. Hold for five seconds taking care to keep your limbs strong and your back straight. Alternate between the opposite arm and leg.

2. Half-Moon Rotation

The half-moon rotation exercise focuses on the shoulders, biceps, and triceps to help you get lean arms. ‘‘Fitness Magazine’’ says to do this exercise, stand with your feet slightly apart and your arms extended out. Rotate your thumbs until they face upward and then again so that they face forward. Try to do 30 reps with your arms extended.

3. Side plank lifts

‘‘Health’’  indicates that this move is good for your back and shoulders. The result will be beautifully sculpted arms. To do this, begin in a side plank position with your legs stacked and your knees slightly bent. Use your elbow for support as you raise your body off the ground and extend your arm forward. For beginners, you can start with no weight until you are comfortable to include a dumbbell.

4. Overhead Triceps Raises

Get your arms working with this exercise described by ‘‘Prevention’’. Stand with your legs slightly apart with a dumbbell in one hand and your other hand holding the base of the opposite arm. Bend the arm behind your head and then extend upward. Be sure to keep your arm steady and the muscles engaged. Add more weight as you gain strength.

5. Ball Push-Ups

‘‘Health’’  indicates that this exercise is good for those who are looking to build upper-body strength. To do, get in the plank position. Place one hand on the ground and one hand on the ball as you lower yourself into an uneven push-up. Alternate which hand is on the ball for at least 5 times per side You can use a medicine ball, other sports ball, or even a stack of books. The trick is just to make the push-up an uneven balance of muscle to really work those arms.

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