You no need to do any hard workouts, jogging, join a gym or be on a diet to lose your weight anymore. Just take some of our tablets, you will lose your weight in a week’s time. This is how the advertisements of many diet pills read like. Many people do fall for these ads. Ladies, in particular, are more attracted to diet pills lately.

Do these supplements really reduce your weight? Is it the right practice to reduce your weight through pills? Does it lead to any side effects? We will look into the answers

Diet Pills

Diet pills can be considered as medications that kill hunger. It is a mixture of several chemical compounds. It contains alkaloid chemical compounds that are extracted from caffeine, Ephedra, and other chemical compounds.

These pills are mostly used to reduce weight. These pills are not new, it was introduced decades back. When it was first introduced, the pharmaceutical companies which manufactured them told its users to eat anything and consume these pills along with it to reduce weight. Today, they advise the users just to take the pills and skip the food intake completely. It will suppress the hunger and reduce your weight in the process.

What is the advice of the Doctors?

US Food and Drug Administration has only approved certain pills that contain compounds such as Belvia, Saxenda, Phentermine, and Qsymia.

Additionally, FDA approves the use of these pills for people who have BMI of 30 and above, who has diabetes, and high blood pressure problem due to obesity. But, these pills are now available as supplements in different names and in different varieties. These supplements are not approved by FDA and they can lead to some serious side effects when used regularly is the hard fact.

As these tablets should not be consumed without Doctor’s prescription, it was now brought under the category of supplements and sold. These so-called supplements are now available in various forms in supermarkets, online stores, and in local drug stores. It is sold as a bread, milkshake powders, and in many different forms. Many people happily purchase these supplements and happily consume it. These tablets are only prescribed by Doctors for patients who are over 100 kilograms of weight and have a high risk of a heart attack. Otherwise, most Doctors do not prescribe these pills.

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How it Works

Diet pills work in three ways. They suppress the hunger, reduces the absorption of fat, and dissolves the fat. This will result in weight loss.

Suppressing Hunger

Our body secretes a hormone called Ghrelin when our stomach is empty. This hormone sends the message to the brain and induces the feeling of hunger. We feel hungry due to this and want to have some food. After eating a certain quantity of food, our body secretes another hormone called Leptin. This sends a message to the brain that the stomach is full, and we have the feeling of fullness. This how the hunger works normally. But, when we consume diet pills, it will suppress and arrest the secretion of Ghrelin hormone. So we will not have the feeling of hunger. Additionally, it will trigger the secretion of Leptin hormone, so we feel full.

Reducing fat Absorption

The food we consume has nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamin, and minerals. When we consume diet pills, your body will fail to absorb these nutrients. So we will not get the nutrients your body needs including the fat.

Dissolves Fat

We get the necessary calories to our through the carbohydrates present in the food we eat. When we do not eat, our body does not get carbohydrates. So our body will take the reserved fat and break it down to get the needed energy.

What will happen if you stop these pills half way?

  • Loss of appetite
  • Liver problem
  • Reduction in immune levels and many other problems.

What is the solution?

Find out the real reason behind your weight gain and find out a healthier solution. Additionally, avoid eating junk foods, fat-rich foods, and deep-fried foods. Indulge regular exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, and in any sports to lose your weight. At the same time consult a dietician and keep a check on your BMI

Problems that occur due to continuous intake of diet pills

  • Consuming diet pills regularly will affect the hormone secretion and suppresses the hunger.
  • It will lead to Negative Energy Balance. This will impact the natural body metabolism.
  • Causes hormone deficiency and imbalance which will lead to thyroid and diabetes. So your body will become deprived of energy.
  • As it arrests the absorption of nutrients present in the food we eat, it will lead to malnutrition problems.
  • Bones will start to lose its strength and negatively impacts our growth.
  • Consuming these pills at a younger age can lead to infertility problems.
  • Having these pills at 30 to 35 years will increase the risk of Type-2 diabetes.
  • As these pills are effective in reducing weight during its initial weeks of usage, users of these pills will get over excited and start to recommend it to others. But in reality, harmful effects of these tablets might take few months to few years to show up.

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